There’s grace on the ground
but you can’t pin it down

I’m getting tired of running and I can’t keep up this pace
You run along beside me and you say ‘It’s not a race’

I’m overworked but I’ll never earn enough
You show me the spaces between my stuff

My patience with my family is wearing very thin
You use my new transparency to let the light in

I search the crowd of faces trying to fit in somewhere new
You shout ‘Hey, join us over here! I’ve always liked you.’

Keeping up with the in-crowd is causing me stress
You introduce me to someone with less

I’m blushing in the public glare
You divert their attention and you strip yourself bare

I smash my anger in your face
You clean it up and it leaves no trace

I’ve gone right off the rails and I’m lying in the dirt
You kneel to help me up again, despite your white shirt

My body’s old and broken and these wounds will never heal
You give me bread to keep me going and prepare a four course meal

I’m exhausted, but my anxious thoughts still run around my head
You let me sleep securely in a king size bed

I’ve not been good this year, they say
You fill my stocking anyway

There is grace, on the ground
But you can’t pin it down


©tamingtheoctopus 2018