Harry Potter

My nephews’ rabbit, Harry Potter died recently but it left their family a note…

A final stroke then put me down, I need to hop free,
Thanks for letting me snuffle round your family tree
I know that you all loved me, I could hear your wails and tears,
Right up until the rigor mortis reached my floppy ears

To be honest for a rabbit there are worse ways to go
It could’ve been McGregor in the garden with a hoe
Flopsy, dropsy, tularaemia, fibroma
If a rabbit foot has brought you luck, you aren’t its rightful owner

Could’ve been on the Titanic, Watershipdown,
Bugs Bunny in rabbit season,
Donnie Darko in your town
A Fatal Attraction to the Caramel bunny,
I haven’t seen that film with Harvey but I heard it wasn’t funny

Hare today, gone tomorrow, kids it happens all the time
Got to know when your time’s up doc – gone and spent my last dime
This wabbit kicked the bucket so that’s all folks                                          Remember me with pan pipes and hot cross bunny jokes

I’ll be eternally grateful to the family members who
Supplied me with my carrots and dealt with all the poo.
Making your kids responsible was more than one rabbit could do;
I recommend they find themselves employment at a zoo.

So, time for me to disappear; there’s nothing I regret
We’ve had our magic moments, it’s a spell I won’t forget.
I’m off to meet Paul Daniels but he can’t pull me out of this hat
If you wanted any extra lives you should’ve got a cat.

Harry Potter x