This is your love

This is not a conveyor belt wedding day
So I won’t wrap these words in a pink bouquet
Suffocate them in a floral spray
Sugarcoat and mould them in a heart shaped tray


This is your love
Undiluted raw love
Never seen before love,
Not available in store love

Love that’s not an imitation
Love with flaws and limitations
Love that doesn’t need to shout
Love with the benefit of the doubt

Travelled far to find you love
Hold you but not bind you love
Comfortable, secure love
“Leave your baggage at the door, love”

Love that doesn’t snipe or smother
Love where you actually like each other
Love without show or pretence
Love you know just makes sense

Happy where you’re heading love
Goes beyond the wedding love
Not made up or dressed up, no crimes, no dramas
This is love in your pyjamas

(for Beth and Jo’s wedding, 9th September 2017)

©tamingtheoctopus 2017