Two by two

This one is available for weddings, civil partnerships, anniversaries, blessings etc.  Anyone?

It only scans properly if I read it, so send me an invite …unless you’re planning on fruitcake.  


May your fins be fast enough to swim against the tide
May your cave be cosy when you need to rest or hide

May your spikes be retractable but may your hide be tough
May you share when food is scarce and always have enough

May you hold onto what matters though you shed a thousand skins
May you drink from pleasant watering holes and not be fed from tins

May you move with all the seasons and not fight against the change
May you bear each others burdens through the moulting and the mange

May you feel the herd surround you if you fall under attack
Have no fear of different species, venture off the beaten track

If you ever lock your antlers may it be a fair fight
Migrate together through green pastures to the warmth, towards the light

©tamingtheoctopus 2021