When I run

I’m naturally disordered, I’ve got chaos at my core
And all day long I fight with time to overcome each chore
I’m buzzy and happy then stressy and flappy
I can wear you out just watching me
I’m a wasp in a revolving door

But when I run I’m completely at ease
And I glide beside the river past the houses and the trees
I’m cool and calm and wild and free
And I’m harnessing the power of my nervous energy
And when I run I’m a metronome
I can tell you quite precisely when I’ll be back home
In terms of endurance I’m the Duracell bunny
But I flow down the hills like a spill of runny honey

‘Wrong attitude for school sports. Doesn’t understand her role’
I was ejected from the netball team for scoring an own-goal!
Rejecting exercise outright I took up ‘anti-sporty spite’

But when I run I experience grace
And my tensions and neurosis all get pummelled into place
And the tangled thoughts that bore into my head
Are now plaits that fly behind me tied with bows of coloured thread
And when I run I’m in control
And its good for my mind and my body and my soul
Even when the running ends the endorphins are my friends
I can leave the house in pieces and I come back whole

I used to watch the joggers sweating buckets by the sea
And I’d feel relief and pity, very glad it wasn’t me
All that effort, all that fuss, just like running for a bus
But it isn’t how it looked and once I tried it I was hooked

Now when I run I do ten minute miles
Irrespective of the hills or the weather or the stiles
I’m a clockwork mouse once I leave my house
And I don’t break my stride for any patronising smiles

So I’m back through the door
And I slide to the floor
Amongst the same chaotic mess but now it somehow matters less
Because when I run I feel completely at one with the street and my own heart beat

©tamingtheoctopus 2017